2016/07: Housing Conflict in Turkey and Manual for Survival /Architectures CREE 376: Resistances

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Housing Conflict in Turkey and Manual for Survival

The drawings of Survival Manual for TOKİ dwellers inspired by French architect/urbanist Yona Friedman’s approach of the manual of drawings for dwellings and settlements. As Yona introduced defending self-built housing and concepts of self-organized settlement in his most of his drawings; he always inspired me about how to think and contemplate on dwelling and housing issues as an architect. The text and drawings is about the government run centralized housing administrative department of Turkey that how this department managed and directed policies of housing in the last 10 years. The affect of its housing management resulted with new urban and housing policies, eviction and forced migration, as well a state run housing market speculation in Turkey. These had impacts both in architectural practice and lower middle class families dwelling. The manual is the outcome of our conducted interviews and site-research of a gated housing structure Bezirganbahçe in Ayazma/Istanbul.

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for english text:BDundaralp

for manual: Toki Dwellers The Survival Manuals

for pages: CREE-376-INT-Bogachan-Dundaralp


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